Start deploying your apps and AI models in the Edge

Build, orchestrate and maintain edge applications and AI models at scale across thousands of distributed locations.

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All Barbara licenses include full access to:

  • Barbara Panel, the management dashboard
  • Barbara Marketplace, a hub of tools, connectors and apps to accelerate your setup
  • Barbara Academy, the knowlegebase to solve all your doubts

Orchestrate Edge apps and AI models at scale

Industrial Connectors

Connect your Edge Gateways to any other legacy or next-generation equipment. IT/OT convergence out-of-the-box.

Edge Orchestration

Deploy and control container-based and native edge apps across thousands of distributed locations.

Edge AI

Deploy as many Artificial Intelligence models and algorithms as you want through the use of GPU-enabled hardware. Leverage the power of Edge AI for system and business automation.

Device Management

Provision, configure, update, operate and decommission Edge Devices. Keep them free of security vulnerabilities and maximise their long-term operability. No more expensive trips to the field.

From the shelf to the Edge

Use off-the-shelf standard solutions to turbo-charge your business. Certified Edge Apps ready to be deployed with little to no customization. Minimize your time-to-market and optimize your ROI with our Edge-as-a-Service.

Everything you need to know

You don't know where to start from? Are you struggling with a particular task? Just curious about the Edge? Academy will get you started and solve any issues along the way.



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