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Computer Vision at the Edge for the Industrial Transformation

The next industrial revolution will be driven by the use and exploitation of Artificial Intelligence. One of its most significant applications today is computer vision, which provides industrial teams with the ability to see, analyze, and act, thereby enhancing product quality, reducing costs, and optimizing operations.

In this Masterclass led by some of the industry's top experts, we will explore the most important applications of Computer Vision and how its deployment is moving closer to the data source to avoid sending massive amounts of data to the cloud, saving costs, enabling real-time decision-making, and ensuring privacy.

Speakers include: Sergio González, Senior Data Scientist at Piperlab; Ignacio Marrero, Head of Data, Analytics, AI, and CTO at UST; Marçal Rossinyol, CTO and Co-founder of Allread; and Javier Rodriguez, Channel Sales Director at Barbara