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Simplify and accelerate your edge computing deployments

Build, orchestrate and maintain edge applications and AI models at scale across thousands of distributed locations.

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All your devices and apps in a single screen

From PoC to Prod in a few clicks
Fully integrated with your Business
With Cybersecurity by Design

Orchestrate Edge apps and AI models at scale

Industrial Connectors

Connect your Edge Gateways to any other legacy or next-generation equipment. IT/OT convergence out-of-the-box.

Edge Orchestration

Deploy and control container-based and native edge apps across thousands of distributed locations.

Edge AI

Deploy as many Machine Learning models and algorithms as you want through the use of GPU-enabled hardware. Leverage the power of AIoT for system and business automation.

Device Management

Provision, configure, update, operate and decommission Edge Devices. Keep them free of security vulnerabilities and maximise their long-term operability. No more expensive trips to the field.

Other features

A platform full of features

Batch Operations

Command thousands of nodes at a time. Address them easily through hierarchical groups, flexible tags or advanced filters.


Tie all your devices in a single virtual network for increased privacy and confidentiality. Enhance your development and maintenance processes without compromising your security.

Telemetry & Analytics

Monitor your Edge health. Observe their performance and get ahead of the problems to ensure system continuity.

Data Processing

Store, visualize and process any data in the Edge, or in hybrid Edge/Cloud architectures. Your data in real time, always ready to add value to your business.

Cloud Connectivity

Integrate with any Cloud. Barbara is compatible with all the major providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Business Integration

Use our REST API to build a distributed edge that is integrated with your enterprise systems. Explore other business integrations such as white labeling, dedicated instances, or on-premise.

IoT Platform Connectivity

Integrate or use alongside any Internet-of-Things platform to collect, filter, and normalize raw machine data. Barbara is compatible with all major IIoT providers.

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Hardware Support

Take advantage of our broad portfolio of supported gateways that range from the affordability and efficiency of ARM-based boards to the power and performance of Intel-based servers.


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From the shelf to the Edge

Use off-the-shelf standard solutions to turbo-charge your business. Certified Edge Apps ready to be deployed with little to no customization. Minimize your time-to-market and optimize your ROI with our Edge-as-a-Service.

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