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Cybersecurity at the Edge: Edge Computing you can trust

Improve your operational efficiency while minimizing your reputational and financial risks

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Business continuity
Avoid revenue loss due to downtime.
Brand Reputation
Minimise the risk of reputation damage.
Obtain a fast Return-On-Investment.

Raise the security level of your Edge deployments

Edge Gateway Hardening

Device in-depth defense with no user/pass access, closed ports, no incoming communication channels, and secured outgoing channels.

Data Encryption

All user data stored in the device, whether running or shut down, or sent through any network is encrypted with compliant industry standards.

Unique Certificates

The authentication and authorisation of each of the participants in our communication system is secured by cryptographic certificates unique to each device.

Provisioning System

Secured first boot sequence where both the initial state of the device and its final communication certificates are configured.


All the features for zero trust environments

Secure Boot

Our Edge Gateways only boot trusted firmware. Barbara performs a series of cryptographic algorithms at start-up to ensure the software has not been modified by third parties.

TPM Support

Our system can verify the signatures of the firmware against the certificates or encryption keys stored in the TPM (Trusted Platform Module).

System Integrity

Barbara monitors errors and unwanted events, allowing you to analyse and identify potential attacks and security-related events and to carry out preventive maintenance.

Role-Based Access

Device and data access is segmented in permissions and roles. This segmentation is key to prevent the risk of unwanted privilege escalation.


Implemented following the recommendations of organisations such as the GSMA, OWASP or the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and industry standards such as IEC-62443. It also has a policy of patching critical vulnerabilities within 72 hours.

Data Sovereignty

Barbara moves your data around without looking into it. Our platform does not step into the user plane, so you keep full ownership and privacy. Your data is yours. Full stop.

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Leveraging Edge Computing Security with Quantum Random Number Generators

In this evolving digital landscape, Quantum-related technologies are gaining significant attention in recent years in the field of cybersecurity. Understanding how quantum random number generators can bolster security at the edge is great news for any company concerned about protecting data integrity and confidentiality in an increasingly complex environment.


Confidential AI: The Edge as an Infrastructure for Private, Compliance, and Secure AI Deployment

AI is transforming the way businesses operate, but it also introduces new security concerns. Companies must protect their data from cyberattacks, comply with data protection regulations, and ensure their AI models are ethical and transparent. Deploying AI at the Edge can provide a secure infrastructure for private, compliance, and secure AI deployment.


Industrial Cybersecurity and Edge Computing

By controlling data closer to its source and therefore deciding which data needs to be sent to the cloud, the cybersecurity risks of theft or improper access to information are much lower with Edge Computing.