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Optimizing Chemical Usage in Water Plants Through Machine Learning in the Edge. Customer Story

By implementing real-time optimized Machine Learning algorithms at each of its desalination plants, ACCIONA a global infrastructure operator, managed to minimize the use of reactive chemicals, eliminate associated regulatory penalties, and leverage an edge infrastructure to implement new predictive applications for water quality control. In this article, we explore the intricacies of the project.

Water management

Smart Water: real-time monitoring and control using Edge Nodes

To operate more efficiently, water management operators face the challenge to monitor in a unified and comprehensive way all components that make up the OT and industrial automation architectures. The use of Edge Nodes allows connectivity with different equipment in each installation regardless of the various data reporting equipment. Discover how utility companies can access sophisticated intelligence to support water operators using Edge Computing.

Water management

Smart Water: The future of water lies in automation and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Although much of the water infrastructures in place are dozens of years old, in recent times their processes have changed radically thanks to a large extent, to digital technology. Edge computing is one of those technologies that will change the shape of the water industry due to the speed and reliability it provides when modernizing this type of infrastructure.

Water management

IoT Edge and AI in water industry: from remote metering to smart water management

How can the water industry benefit from IoT Edge and AI? IoT is one of the technologies that has made a strong entry into the water industry, developing solutions rich in monitoring, analytical, and automation features. Meanwhile, Artificial intelligence (AI) is making its mark on the water industry, powering intelligent operations using machine learning to optimize resource use and operational budgets for organizations.

Water management

Edge AI for sustainability in the water sector

When we talk about "water sustainability", experts use some fundamental indicators. For us, the most important is the resilience of their infrastructures, i.e. how prepared they are for adverse situations, and the efficiency of their processes, measured as the number of resources to be invested in meeting a specific demand. AI plays a fundamental role in these processes.

Water management
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