Predictive Artificial Intelligence for Port Governance

The Consortium created by Barbara, RKL and Keynetic will develop the "Global Safey and Security Center " for Puertos del Estado with the mission to manage the physical and logical security of ports with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Discover more.


Funded by the Ports 4.0 program of Puertos del Estado, and within the framework of Artificial intelligence the pilot project proposes a holistic vision of both physical and logical security for the prevention of threats and vulnerabilities of port critical infrastructures. A solution that will allow, on the one hand, to anticipate incidents intelligently (0% incident trend) and on the other hand, in case of incidents, to respond and recover as quickly as possible with a 100% resilience trend.

"We tend to separate and treat threats that come to us from the physical world and those that come to us from the logical world separately; and the digital transformation in which we are immersed has made it clear that a physical threat can exploit a vulnerability in an IT/OT system and vice versa."

Under this premise, the Global Safety & Security Center project is designed, which proposes a system to control the state of security of the information managed for the logistics-port environment, the pilot of which will be implemented and validated in the ports of Bilbao and Seville .

Enabling Technologies composed by IoT, AI, Visual Analytics and Cybersecurity

The GSSC platform represents a major innovation over current incident management systems by incorporating digital technologies to:

  1. Real-time data capture for analysis
  2. Process automation with Robot Process Automation
  3. Intelligence - Machine Learning and Deep Learning - for Predictive Governance
  4. Securing of all sensor data and communications networks

AI, IoT and Cybersecurity based solution will enable port authorities to:

  • Work from a holistic security point of view
  • Address cyber-physical threats and vulnerabilities with all orchestrated data
  • Apply enabling technologies that provide a high degree of intelligence
  • Complyiwith legislation pursuing good governance, leading to maximum predictability
  • Ensure that the information we receive from the different sensors, actuators and systems is reliable, reducing the risks implicit in the manipulation or supplanting of these systems.
  • Optimise and scale the lifecycle of information sources management, adding new or modifying /recommissioning existing ones  
  • Control access to communications networks by nodes connecting to the infrastructure, identifying who connects, from where and to which services they have access.
  • Predictively manage assets and their level of exposure to threats

Data security with Barbara Edge Platform

The Predictive Governance environment is fed by information from the "physical" world provided by connected devices along the port infrastructure, such as sensors and actuators. These connected devices, in many cases distributed and unattended, in a structure as complex as the port, require a solution that allows:

Ensure the authenticity of the physical data, through secure node authentication mechanisms, and protection against manipulation or identity theft attacks.

2. Enable management of the life cycle of these physical information sources, being able to integrate new sources, modify and recommission existing onesthroughout the operation of the service.

Barbara Technology Stack


Barbara's Industrial Edge platform is designed to deploy Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in a cyber-secure manner and provides the infrastructure to enable it:

- Cybersecure Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

- Remote deployment and management of cyber-secure Edge Nodes

- Protecting the Intellectual Property of deployed Artificial Intelligence

- Running Multiple Dockers


The Ports 4.0 capital fund is the corporate open innovation model adopted by Puertos del Estado and the Spanish Port Authorities to attract, support and facilitate the application of talent and entrepreneurship to the Spanish public and private port-logistics sector in the context of the 4.0 industrial revolution.

The main objective of the Fund is to promote and incorporate disruptive or incremental innovation as an element of competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability, safety and security in the Spanish port-logistics sector, both public and private, to facilitate its transition to the 4.0 economy. The ideas or projects that may be selected must have the purpose of achieving an innovative product, equipment, service or process.