Smart and cybersecure machines with Edge technology: A vision of the industrial future.

As thousands of millions of assets are connected to the Internet the industrial world faces new challenges when it comes to connectivity and cybersecurity for real-time automation and decision making . In this talk we address the key role of an Edge Platform as a solution to overcome the Data Gravity issue of the Cloud.

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Data Gravity, the Manufacturing sector's latest big challenge

Hello everyone! In this edition of the blog, we want to share with you Sergio Liedo's presentation at IndustryTalks about Barbara´s Edge Platform and the way is transforming industries by deploying and running real-time artificial intelligence models on Edge devices.

In this talk Sergio addresses the connectivity and cybersecurity challenges industrial world faces due to the phenomenon of the "Data Gravity". Data Gravity refers to the problem that arises when connecting hundreds of millions of devices to the internet network and how all this data is massively absorbed by the Cloud as if it were the force of gravity of a planet.

This poses great challenges for the future when connectivity will become massive, especially when we talk about asymmetric networks such as 3G, 4G or 5G networks, that have been designed to download data, but not to upload it. So we have to think about another strategy when we talk about digitalization and Industry 4.0 . Besides, there is a clear trend that points to the fact that the industry is shifting towards a business model where organisations want to maintain control of thier data in their infrastructure, and this is where an edge platforme makes sense and plays a key role.

Barbara´s Industrial Edge Platform to answer Data Gravity of the Cloud.

Why and Edge Platform and why Barbara?

● First, it addresses the challenges of massive device connectivity and the need to process data in an agile and efficient way. Edge Computing involves bringing data processing as close as possible to data source, reducing latency and enabling real-time decision making. This is especially important in critical industries where every second counts, such as in energy, manufacturing and healthcare.

● Another key advantage of Barbara's platform is its focus on security and data sovereignty. By processing AI models on Edge devices, the need to send sensitive data to the cloud is minimised, reducing the risks associated with privacy and cybersecurity. The platform is designed to meet the highest cybersecurity standards, ensuring the protection of organisations' critical assets.

● In addition, Barbara's platform offers an architecture that enables the implementation of artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine vision algorithms. This provides industries with powerful tools to automate processes, improve productivity and ensure the quality of their operations.

The platform's customisation capability alongside its flexibility makes it attractive to both, companies looking to build their own infrastructure and integrators looking to develop custom projects.

Barbara's vision for the future includes the creation of a community, with its Marketplace, where developers and integrators can share their solutions, connect with other platforms and offer their specific services. This openness and collaboration will drive the innovation and a more dynamic and diverse industry ecosystem.

As a conclusion, Sergio's presentation gives us an exciting glimpse into the future of critical industries and how Barbara's platform is leading the way in securely running AI models on Edge devices . With its focus on connectivity, security, personalisation and collaboration, Barbara´s edge platform  empowers organisations to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

If you are part of a critical industry and are looking for a solution that allows you to securely deploy and run real-time AI models, we invite you to explore more about Barbara's Edge platform.

Thanks for reading our blog and stay tuned for the latest innovations in the industrial world!