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Leveraging Edge Computing Security with Quantum Random Number Generators

In this evolving digital landscape, Quantum-related technologies are gaining significant attention in recent years in the field of cybersecurity. Understanding how quantum random number generators can bolster security at the edge is great news for any company concerned about protecting data integrity and confidentiality in an increasingly complex environment.


Confidential AI: The Edge as an Infrastructure for Private, Compliance, and Secure AI Deployment

AI is transforming the way businesses operate, but it also introduces new security concerns. Companies must protect their data from cyberattacks, comply with data protection regulations, and ensure their AI models are ethical and transparent. Deploying AI at the Edge can provide a secure infrastructure for private, compliance, and secure AI deployment.


Industrial Cybersecurity and Edge Computing

By controlling data closer to its source and therefore deciding which data needs to be sent to the cloud, the cybersecurity risks of theft or improper access to information are much lower with Edge Computing.


IoT Edge in the Industry 4.0

In IoT deployments, it is common to hear the term Edge. Many IoT solution vendors, especially in the industrial environment, acknowledge the capabilities of the Edge to generate business value. But what is IoT Edge and what is its relationship with Edge Computing?


Cybersecurity in industrial companies in Spain: analysis, challenges and solutions.

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a fundamental part of every company's strategy. For industrial companies operating with state-of-the-art technology, security is a key business element as these are infrastructures that can be "critical" in the event of a cyberattack if they do not have a medium-term digital plan. Something that could be solved with cybersecurity systems based on artificial intelligence at the edge.


Impact of Edge Computing on Industrial Cybersecurity

Edge computing, or the ability to store and process data on servers close to the source or destination of that data, is becoming increasingly fashionable. The IT world has been using it for years with regional data centers that serve content more efficiently. What is new today is the beginning of its incursion into industrial environments.

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