Juan Pérez-Bedmar

VP Growth & Marketing at Barbara

I have been a partner at Barbara since its inception and I also lead the Marketing and Growth department. In this role, we focus on building brand perception, showcasing our product's value, explaining our value proposition, defining and executing our communication strategy, establishing and implementing our inbound customer acquisition strategy, supporting opportunity maturation, and fostering customer loyalty.

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The MLOps Workflow: How Barbara fits in

Most industrial companies (up to 77% according to a last-year study by IBM) are working or planning to work with AI and Machine Learning as a means to optimize their operations or enable new revenue streams. And Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is becoming the paradigm as a work framework for the Data and Infrastructure teams involved.


Barbara and the ODEON Project: Driving the Digital Energy Transition Through Edge AI

In an era where sustainable and efficient energy solutions are more critical than ever, Barbara's recent partnership with other 33 companies in the ODEON project will contribute to the journey towards a greener, smarter energy future.

Smart Grid

Industrial Cybersecurity and Edge Computing

By controlling data closer to its source and therefore deciding which data needs to be sent to the cloud, the cybersecurity risks of theft or improper access to information are much lower with Edge Computing.


Flexibility in the Smart Grid with Barbara Edge Technology

Moving towards a decentralized, intelligent and cybersecure Smart Grid involves a series of challenges that we explain in our new site


Deploying Intelligence on the Edge with Docker

Docker brings enormous flexibility to application development teams: it gives them the freedom to develop in the programming language of their choice and deploy them easily without worrying about the final hardware on which they will run. It also simplifies the maintenance and version control of the applications themselves, which is very useful for homogeneous deployments in distributed environments.


The key to IoT cybersecurity is in the devices

The IoT device is by far the most vulnerable element in the entire security chain. And the main reason is the lack of firmware updates.


Barbara presents the Industrial Edge Computing Barometer

Barbara IoT publishes the first Industrial Edge Computing Barometer, a report to help understand the degree of development of this technology in Spain.


Predictive Maintenance: how IoT helps reduce O&M costs

New technologies are changing maintenance techniques. In just five years, predictive maintenance has gone from an uncertain use case to a fast-growing application with a clear return on investment.

Smart Manufacturing

How to accelerate distributed intelligence at the Edge with Low Code

Software development is one of the major barriers that industrial companies face in their digital transformation processes. The Low-code philosophy helps minimise the technological gap by eliminating much of the complexity in programming solutions and applications and providing developers with pre-programmed modules and facilities for the customisation of algorithms.


Four Edge Computing Applications in the energy sector

The electricity sector is undergoing a revolution and Edge Computing is positioning itself as a great ally. But in which use cases is this technology being applied?

Smart Grid

Industrial IoT Security: how to protect edge devices to minimise cyber attacks

IoT security is one of the biggest concerns for those responsible for innovation and digital transformation in large organizations. It is especially relevant in companies with critical assets such as electricity, water utilities, transportation, oil and gas due to their impact beyond business.


How to optimise IoT deployments with Docker containers

The use of Docker containers in the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly widespread, but being able to use this technology in IoT requires tools that allow simple, centralised, and secure management of the entire process.