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AI Flexibility algorithm in LV /MV Substation Success Case

Barbara and Gridfy have joined forces to bring AI Flexibility algorithms to the Edge.‍‍ Gridfy has developed and implemented the AI flexibility algorithm located in one of Cuerva´s substations while Barbara has provided the Edge Platform that deploys and orchestrates Artificial Intelligence in the Edge.

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Making the Intelligent Power Grid Happen with Barbara Edge AI Platform

We are back at ENLIT Europe 2023, to showcase how Transmission and Distribution System operators can improve their operations by virtualizing HV, MV and LV substations and add intelligence to their assets with Edge AI Technology.

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Barbara has joined the E4S Alliance, contributing to the expansion of the Grid Digitalization Ecosystem.

The Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) is a technical working group, made up of Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and technology partners, that promotes the creation of a secure grid architecture based on open and interoperable standards. Barbara joins the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations Alliance to endow the Digital Grid with its groundbreaking Edge AI Platform infrastructure.

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CIRED 2023. Why virtualization is instrumental for DSOs to gain full value from their assets

Companies are increasingly interested in virtualizing electrical equipment because it offers a range of benefits for their operations. Virtualization reduces the need for physical infrastructure, which can result in cost savings, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased safety. We will be at CIRED 2023, showcasing how to virtualize substations from Transmission to Middle and Low Voltage networks through Edge Computing Technology.

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Edge AI: Deploying AI flexibility algorithm in Substations

With the increased number of distributed energy resources DERs onto the grid, energy operators need a predictive system based on consumption and production patterns to help them avoid congestion and overvoltage events in the grid. In this article, we cover a specific project we are running under the i-nergy programme, an EU-funded initiative aiming to support and develop new AI-based Energy Services.

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Transmission Substation Virtualization Use Case by Barbara

The main goal of virtualization is to provide a new operational environment, which is not bound to any computer hardware or operating system. Hardware components are typically designed to be robust and reliable, but they can also be expensive and difficult to modify or upgrade. Separating hardware from software allows for the software to be updated or modified without affecting the hardware.

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