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Barbara participates at ODEON project set to revolutionise the Green and Digital Energy Transition

ODEON a European Horizon project has just been launched with the mision to create an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders characterized by the integration of a mesh of Data, Intelligence,Service, and Market flows. With a budget of 22,56 M€ allocated over four years, the project represents a significant stride toward a sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply.

Smart Grid

Barbara participates in new Hazitek R&D projects, promoted by SPRI and supported by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).

Barbara is actively working on a number of Research and Development projects promoted by the Basque Business Development Agency (SPRI) and supported by the European Regional Development Funds (ERDF).


Illuminate Low-Voltage Networks: InCharta by Ingelectus, new addition to Barbara Marketplace

InCharta, a groundbreaking application developed by Ingelectus, has just been added to our portfolio of Edge Apps in Barbara Marketplace. InCharta is set to revolutionize the way you perceive and manage low-voltage networks, providing invaluable insights through its interactive and AI-powered capabilities.


Transforming the future of Energy: Cuerva's AI Forecasting Model arrives at Barbara Marketplace

Barbara Marketplace keeps growing with the addition of Cuerva's AI Forecasting Model. Developed by experts in the Smart Grid at Cuerva, the Spanish DSO, this application leverages the transformative power of edge technology and cutting-edge AI techniques to revolutionize energy grid planning and operations.


Vision AI operations at the Edge: Picsellia joins Barbara Marketplace

Picsellia, the single hub for image and video AI use cases, has just joined Barbara Marketplace. It introduces a centralized workspace designed to turn the chaos of scattered tools into a collaborative production-grade pipeline. Their fully integrated Vision AI platform empowers AI teams accelerate their computer vision initiatives.


Barbara and Picsellia team up to drive Edge Computer Vision in the Energy Sector

Barbara, the Spanish pioneer in Edge AI platforms for grid operators, and Picsellia, the French end-to-end MLOps platform for computer vision, have joined forces to accelerate edge computer vision applications in the energy sector.


Barbara has joined the E4S Alliance, contributing to the expansion of the Grid Digitalization Ecosystem.

The Edge for Smart Secondary Substations (E4S) is a technical working group, made up of Distribution System Operators (DSOs) and technology partners, that promotes the creation of a secure grid architecture based on open and interoperable standards. Barbara joins the Edge for Smart Secondary Substations Alliance to endow the Digital Grid with its groundbreaking Edge AI Platform infrastructure.

Smart Grid

Barbara named a Cool Vendor in the 2023 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Edge Computing report

According to Gartner, “The technology or service offering must be innovative, impactful and available for purchase for a Cool Vendor.” With Barbara, companies can deploy, run, and manage their models across distributed locations, as easily as in the cloud.


 Barbara Joins NVIDIA Inception

Joining NVIDIA Inception will provide Barbara with support for enhancing the platform’s computing performance and increase its cybersecurity levels. The program will also offer Barbara the opportunity to collaborate with industry-leading experts and other AI-driven organizations.


UST and Barbara will collaborate to accelerate industrial digitization

The two industry leaders will deploy AI to ensure private, secure, real-time digital transformation. The partnership will leverage real-time data processing and local storage to accelerate the time to market for intelligent, cyber-secure and decentralized applications for Industry 4.0.


Smart and cybersecure machines with Edge technology: A vision of the industrial future.

As thousands of millions of assets are connected to the Internet the industrial world faces new challenges when it comes to connectivity and cybersecurity for real-time automation and decision making . In this talk we address the key role of an Edge Platform as a solution to overcome the Data Gravity issue of the Cloud.

Smart Manufacturing

MLOps state-of-the-art 2023 survey

Be part of MLOps at the Edge. This survey is an opportunity to be part of the 1st global MLOps report for ML/ AI teams. If you want to stay abreast of AI deployment at scale, join and take part in this survey.