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The Role of Edge Management and Orchestration in Industrial Digitalization

The 181 zettabytes of data generated annually by over 13 billion devices exceeds global internet bandwidth, posing challenges for cloud computing due to high costs, latency, and security concerns. Edge computing processes data locally, offering efficient, secure analysis without constant connectivity. Barbara’s Industrial Edge Management and Orchestration Platform simplifies managing this infrastructure by providing cloud-like capabilities on-premises and bridging the IT-OT gap.


Why Kubernetes isn't Ideal for Industrial Infrastructure

One of the most transformative technologies that have emerged in recent years is software containerization, which revolutionizes the way industrial companies develop, deploy, and manage their software solutions. Kubernetes is very useful for large, cloud-dependent workloads like web applications, but it is not optimal for smaller, more industrial-oriented workloads that must operate in complex, isolated environments.‍ In this article we explain why.


The IT-OT convergence (part II): The Data Journey

This is the second article produced as part of a series where we will be covering the complexities of the Digital Transformation in industrial companies towards the full IT-OT convergence. This time we focus on the Data Journey


Scaling your Industrial Edge Computing Projects with an Edge Management and Orchestration tool

As organizations‘ appetite for seizing opportunities at the edge grow, scaling from a single use case in one facility to various uses cases in multiple locations poses a significant challenge. This article highlights the importance of implementing an Edge Management and Orchestration tool to efficiently and securely scale edge computing initiatives.


The IT-OT convergence (part I): Syncing the Data Journey and the Digitization of Infrastructures

This is the first article of a new series we will be producing to cover the complexities of this journey towards the full IT-OT convergence in industrial companies.


IoT communication protocols you should know about

When implementing a data-based strategy, it all starts with the Data. One of the typical sources to extract data are IoT devices. Knowing which IoT communication protocols exist and how to use them for data communication is essential as they are the ones that make data gathering from them possible.

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