AI EdgeLabs and Barbara Forge Alliance to Revolutionize Edge and IoT Security for Distributed Energy

AI EdgeLabs, a next-generation edge cybersecurity solution provider, and Barbara today announced the partnership to guarantee a more secure environment for the clients utilizing Barbara Edge Orchestration platform.

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MADRID - JUNE 11, 2024

AI EdgeLabs’ integration with Barbara platform simplifies the activation process and integrates edge-local AI-based NDR/EDR solution to industrial edges and IOT assets. Deployments can be effortlessly managed from Barbara platform’s edge management panel, encompassing easy-scalable deployment and maintenance cycles for the Edge Security product suite.

As an example of the benefits customers will receive from this collaboration, consider the case study of Cuerva, a leading Spanish-based power grid operator. Cuerva required a cybersecurity solution that is both effective and non-intrusive, ensuring maximum protection without compromising the efficiency or sustainability of its diverse array of operations.

Key benefits include:

.- Lightweight Deployment: AI EdgeLabs' agents consumes few hundreds Mb of RAM and less than 5% CPU in average, ensuring efficient operation and aligning with Cuerva’s sustainability goals.

.- Autonomous Operation: agents provide continuous protection even without constant connectivity to the cloud. In remote or challenging environments, they maintain protection locally or in air-gapped setups, guaranteeing ongoing security measures.

.- Edge Processing: AI EdgeLabs leverages edge computing for local data processing, reducing cloud reliance and enabling real-time threat detection and response.

.- Rapid Deployment: containerized solution allows quick and easy deployment across Cuerva's diverse infrastructure with minimal setup.

.- Minimal Network Traffic: using only up to 300Mb of network traffic per month, minimizing bandwidth usage and ensuring efficient operations in Cuerva’s projects.

The full version of the case-study can be found here.

Inna Ushakova, CEO, AI EdgeLabs commented, "Our partnership with Barbara and integration with the Barbara platform represents a significant advancement in edge cybersecurity. By combining our strengths, we are able to deliver a robust, efficient, and sustainable security solution that meets the unique needs of companies like Cuerva."

The project with the electric utility Cuerva has been a groundbreaking initiative in overcoming the significant challenges associated with deploying and orchestrating a robust security solution across distributed substations. Using Barbara’s technology, the utility personnel is now able to:

. - Deploy AI EdgeLabs containers consistently to edge devices in batches, scaling to manage thousands of devices across diverse locations with zero-touch provisioning, free of errors, and very low operational cost.

.- Monitor in real-time containers and devices, providing instant insights into performance and status, ensuring optimal operational efficiency and troubleshooting.

.- Grant advanced edge security protocols that enable full EDR/NDR without compromising the device security, or the intellectual property of other applications running on the same device.

.- Perform automated over-the-air updates that facilitate seamless deployment of new container versions and patches to the full stack available in the Edge devices, with minimal downtime and manual intervention.


David Purón, CEO of Barbara, stated, "This strategic collaboration allows us to provide an extra layer of edge security, reinforcing our commitment to helping our customers comply with the stringent requirements of security standards such as IEC-62443. Barbara's native cybersecurity, combined with the AI-driven solutions of AI EdgeLabs, is an unparalleled combination for safely deploying edge applications in mission-critical operations.”

About AI EdgeLabs

AI EdgeLabs secures distributed edge computing infrastructure with cutting-edge GenAI-based cybersecurity solutions. Our integrated platform, featuring NDR, EDR, IDS/IPS capabilities in a lightweight container, fortified by AI & ML, empowers organizations to combat complex cyber threats effectively. Leveraging existing distributed computing resources, we enable real-time threat detection and response closer to the point of attack with accuracy 99%, ensuring organizations stay ahead of emerging threats.

Recognized for excellence, AI EdgeLabs has received prestigious awards such as the Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show Award at EW2023 and has been featured in Cybertech 100 and STL's Top 100 Edge Computing companies.

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About Barbara

With cybersecurity at heart, Barbara is the Industrial Edge Platform for organizations seeking to overcome the challenges of working with real-time data applications in mission-critical environments.  With Barbara companies can deploy, configure and maintain containers and AI models across thousands of devices in an easy fashion, with the autonomy, privacy and time-sensitivity that the cloud can´t match.

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Inna Ushakova

CEO, AI EdgeLabs


David Purón

CEO, Barbara