Barbara in the Top 100 Edge Computing Companies in 2024

One more year, Barbara has been chosen as one of the top 100 Edge Computing Companies to watch in 2024 based on its accomplishments in 2023 and the exciting developments coming this year.

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STL Partners,  a leading research and consulting firm in the technology industry, recently published its highly anticipated top 2024 edge computing companies list. The list features 100 companies that have demonstrated exceptional innovation, agility, and potential in the rapidly growing edge computing market. From global manufacturing operations to retail to V2X communication, the selected companies highlight the increased range of customers leveraging edge computing technology to drive efficiencies and stimulate revenue growth.

In 2023, Barbara's Edge Platform reached a milestone in maturity, establishing itself as a benchmark for deploying and serving AI models at the Edge.

During 2023: 

1. Barbara was named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Edge Computing 2023

2. It achieved ISO/ IEC 27001 the international standard for information security

3. Launched Barbara Marketplace: A curated ecosystem of already-developed off-the-shelf Edge apps and Edge AI model. It offers everything organizations need ranging from industrial connectors to databases, BI tools, and AI models developed by both, Barbara and selected third-party partners, to fast track their deployment to production.

4. Barbara rolled out six significant updates to its Edge AI platform, providing a fully adaptable range of deployment options tailored to diverse customer requirements and business models. These options include not only Software as a Service (SaaS) but also private cloud setups and managed on-premise remote installations. These alternatives enhance security and proximity advantages, aligning with the benefits of a fully-owned infrastructure.

Many companies are already well into their digital transformation journey and stand to reap the benefits of early Edge AI adoption.  Based on the current situation, it is expected that  by 2025, 30% of companies will include analytics and Edge AI inference capabilities. In the same timeframe, Garter anticipates that 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created outside a centralized data center. This shows how distributed IT systems are advancing quickly in enterprise spaces and showcases how an upward trend is pushing technology to the Edge.

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About Barbara

Barbara is at the forefront of the AI Industrial Revolution. With cybersecurity at heart, Barbara is the Edge AI Platform for organizations seeking to overcome the challenges of deploying AI, in mission-critical environments.  With Barbara companies can deploy, train and maintain their models across thousands of devices in an easy fashion, with the autonomy, privacy and real-time that the cloud can´t match.

Barbara´s technology stack is composed of:

• Industrial Connectors to attach edge devices to any other legacy or next-generation equipment.

• Edge Orchestrator to deploy and control container-based and native edge apps across thousands of distributed locations.

• Device Management to provision, configure, update, operate and decommission Edge Devices cybersecurely.

• MLOps to optimize and package your trained model in minutes.

• Marketplace of containerized Edge applications ready to be deployed. The marketplace includes third-party applications and a suite of Barbara microservices.