Barbara and Mytra join forces to accelerate industrial digitization with deployment and orchestration of solutions at the edge

Barbara and Mytra Control sign an agreement whereby the Barbara Industrial Edge Platform will be in charge of orchestrating the Edge projects deployed by Mytra and its customers.

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  • For Barbara this agreement is a strong impetus to address the major challenge of helping the digitization of industrial companies by joining forces with one of the largest national industrial automation engineering firms.
  • For Mytra this agreement will enable it to offer its customers a leading packaged orchestration solution capable of connecting, deploying and scaling applications, devices and AI on the Edge in minutes.

Barbara and Mytra Control sign an agreement whereby the Barbara Industrial Edge Platform will be in charge of orchestrating the Edge projects deployed by Mytra and its customers. The partnership between the two companies will accelerate the time to market of intelligent, cybersecure and decentralized applications for Industry 4.0 and execute real-time processing and storage of data where it is generated.

This partnership will allow Mytra to incorporate a flexible, agile and up-to-date orchestration and deployment platform to its Edge projects and provide greater value to its customers.

"With this union, projects that require Edge capabilities (maximum security, zero latency and total flexibility), can be launched into production by the experienced hand of Mytra with greater frequency and speed through Barbara" - says David Purón, CEO of Barbara.

For Mytra, this agreement is a great opportunity. "Thanks to the Edge technology provided by the Barbara platform, we will be able to develop digitization projects with greater flexibility and economic savings to meet any customer needs." - comments Carlos Jimenez, CEO and CTO of Mytra Control.

Since its birth in 2016, Barbara's technology has been conceived with flexibility and cybersecurity from the design, understanding the need to unite two worlds how are the IT and OT traditionally far apart, through partnership and standardization but always keeping in mind the criticality of industrial processes.

Partner Ecosystem

Barbara's strategy involves the creation of an ecosystem of partners that allows it to undertake turnkey value projects for industrial operators, as well as to create ecosystems with integrators, developers and manufacturers.

For Mytra, collaboration with technology partners is a key strategy to provide more complete solutions with a greater capacity for customization and support.

About Mytra:

Founded in 2014, Mytra Control is a technological engineering in industrial automation that is committed to innovation, reliability and commitment to its customers to provide them with solutions tailored to their needs with the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Mytra has a dynamic, proactive and flexible team, passionate about technology and challenges, focused on achieving a common goal: to achieve the satisfaction and trust of its customers through teamwork, effort and learning and innovation.

They also provide consulting services, advice and implementation of projects in the following areas:

  • Automation and industrial networks
  • Software development
  • Industry 4.0 and IoT
  • Industrial cybersecurity

About Barbara:

Barbara is the Cybersecure Industrial Edge Platform, designed to implement automated decision making in critical industrial processes. Its architecture, distributed in thousands of computing nodes, allows to communicate and virtualize any element of the value chain, to subsequently operate it through Artificial Intelligence applications in real time.

Developed with cybersecurity by design, and compatible with Edge applications that allow to optimize industrial processes and assets, it is the perfect enabler to respond to the great challenges of the sector.