Barbara and Picsellia team up to drive Edge Computer Vision in the Energy Sector

Barbara, the Spanish pioneer in Edge AI platforms for grid operators, and Picsellia, the French end-to-end MLOps platform for computer vision, have joined forces to accelerate edge computer vision applications in the energy sector.

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Madrid - November 23th

The decision to collaborate unfolded naturally as Picsellia's dedication to accelerate computer vision initiatives perfectly aligns with Barbara's mission to empower industrial organizations in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining AI models at the Edge

Picsellia's specialization in computer vision pipeline orchestration is complemented by Barbara's expertise in executing AI models at the Edge. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution, covering the entire spectrum from crafting computer vision models to orchestrating their deployment, control, and maintenance at the Edge.

The rise of Edge Computing Vision in the Energy Sector

Fueling real-time decision-making through the processing of visual data at the source, Edge computer vision holds multifaceted applications for power grid operators.

It plays a pivotal role in analyzing visual data from grid infrastructure, detecting faults such as damaged power lines or equipment malfunctions, ensuring quick repairs and preventing potential outages. Additionally, it enhances the safety of field workers by identifying and alerting them to potential hazards.

Furthermore, when integrated with machine learning, Computer Vision can predict equipment failures by analyzing visual data patterns and so contribute to minimizing unplanned downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and extending the lifespan of grid assets.

Why Edge

Connectivity, data volume, the need for real-time responses and the security and privacy of data and equipment are all challenges that only a highly distributed and independent IT infrastructure can handle. By processing data at the edge, the energy grid becomes more resilient to disruptions. Localized decision-making ensures continuous grid functionality even in cases of network failures or cyber-attacks.

Picsellia joins Barbara Marketplace to fast-track Vision AI in the Edge

Grid operators can now harness the potential of Computer Vision in their business operations through the collaboration of Picsellia and Barbara. Companies can develop custom use cases and operate them in their industrial environment with a seamless transition at the Edge thanks to the integration with Barbara platform. Importantly, companies retain ownership of their private data and AI models' intellectual property.

About Picsellia

Picsellia, founded in 2019 in France, has evolved into a comprehensive platform offering an end-to-end MLOps platform for computer vision use cases. Covering data management, experiment tracking, deployment, model monitoring, and pipeline orchestration, Picsellia supports data scientists and machine learning engineers in their day-to-day tasks. Explore more:

About Barbara

Barbara is the Edge AI Platform for Grid Operators to deploy and maintain algorithms in real-time while complying with the highest cybersecurity standard (IEC-62443-4-2 security level 1).

With Barbara, T&D operators can integrate both, legacy and next-generation industrial equipment data, implement their algorithms or third-party intelligence via our Marketplace, and manage edge apps across their distributed assets remotely, from a single platform. Explore more at

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