Barbara provides its Industrial Edge Platform for Iberdrola’s Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub

Barbara’s Edge Platform allows the deployment of algorithms from different authors in the same Edge Node and facilitates its remote management in a cybersecure fashion.


With the creation of the «Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub» Iberdrola seeks to become a world leader in the development and implementation of smart grids.

The initiative, promoted by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and Iberdrola, has brought together the most important industrial, technological and research companies, including Barbara IoT.

A Hub that will be equipped with the latest technological capabilities in digitisation and advanced data analytics, among many other fields, and in which Barbara IoT will contribute with the technological infrastructure for the deployment of Artificial Intelligence at the Edge.

Barbara’s Industrial Edge Platform for Smart Grids

Barbara’s Edge Computing for Smart Grids
technology enables the deployment of Artificial Intelligence in the field, so that distributors and manufacturers can abstract from connectivity/communication, cybersecurity and infrastructure and focus on the execution and management of their algorithms.

We create a trusted environment so that companies can focus on deploying their algorithms on the Edge in an agile way» – Peter Rawlins, VP of Sales at Barbara IoT

Edge nodes where energy algorithms from different stakeholders coexist

Algorithms from different authors can now be deployed and run on the same Edge Node, preserving the intellectual property of each author.

Beyond the possibility of combining different algorithms from different authors on the same node, network operators are also developing the transformation centre of the future.

Using Barbara’s Edge platform, it is possible for algorithms from one Transformation Centre to communicate with another Transformation Centre without having to go through a centralised infrastructure, while meeting defined latency and cybersecurity requirements.

About Barbara’s Industrial Edge platform

Our mission is to provide a trusted environment for the deployment of Artificial Intelligence at the Edge. Barbara’s Edge platform provides the infrastructure that enables:

  • Cybersecure Artificial Intelligence on the Edge
  • Deploying and remotely managing cyber-secure IoT Nodes
  • Protect the Intellectual Property of the deployed AI
  • Enable IDSA (Identity Defined Security Alliance)
  • Running Multiple Dockers

If you are interested in this topic and want to know more about how to deploy Artificial Intelligence at the Edge do contact us