Barbara participates at ODEON project set to revolutionise the Green and Digital Energy Transition

ODEON a European Horizon project has just been launched with the mision to create an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders characterized by the integration of a mesh of Data, Intelligence,Service, and Market flows. With a budget of 22,56 M€ allocated over four years, the project represents a significant stride toward a sustainable, secure, and competitive energy supply.

Smart Grid
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The Horizon Europe project ODEON aims to promote connectivity, interoperability, and seamless data exchange between different stakeholders in the energy sector, prioritising privacy, and data protection. ODEON will facilitate the robust functioning of the energy system by enhancing the integration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and optimising the utilisation of flexibility from assets located in the edge.

Coordinated by ETRA, ODEON is set to make an impact with a consortium of 34 partners from thirteen European countries.

ODEON offers a suite of five innovations aimed at transforming the energy sector. It launches a Federated Energy Data Spaces model to streamline integration across the energy value chain, harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced efficiency, and bolsters network resilience for Distribution System Operators (DSOs). Additionally, it facilitates cost reduction and autonomy for Local Energy Communities (LECs)/Aggregators, while empowering prosumers with transparent energy transactions through customised marketplaces.

Barbara will contribute its Edge Infrastructure, equipped with the ability to gather data from OT-protocol connectors, along with model monitoring, training, and deployment capabilities at the Edge. With a focus on security, Barbara ensures efficient device and network management. Specifically, Barbara will participate by:

.- Data Model, Data Space/IoT Connectors in the Edge.

.- Data Security, Privacy and Sovereignty.

.- MLOps and AIOps research for model serving at the edge.

.- Multi-partyalgorithm deployment.

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