Barbara presents the Industrial Edge Computing Barometer

Barbara IoT publishes the first Industrial Edge Computing Barometer, a report to help understand the degree of development of this technology in Spain.


Barbara IoT has just published the Industrial Edge Computing Barometer with the conclusions of a survey conducted in November and December 2021 to 100 employees of industrial companies in Spain. It is a report that analyses aspects such as the degree of maturity and adoption of this technology, the level of existing knowledge in companies regarding Edge Computing or the main challenges, barriers and needsthat companies have when implementing projects based on this technology.

Industry, a sector in the midst of change

The industrial world is undergoing a profound revolution. Different technologies are triggering changes ranging from processes to business models. All these changes are underpinned by a common element: data. The emergence of technologies that not only capture but also process and send a multitude of data are enabling use cases that are leading companies towards a complete digital transformation.

Edge computing, a technology that brings data intelligence as close as possible to the source of the data, is one such technology that is having a high impact on the industrial world.

The electricity sector is the sector that invests most in Edge Computing.

One of the conclusions drawn from this report is that the electricity sector is the sector that is investing the most. According to the responses obtained, more than half (57%) of the projects of more than 1 million euros that were undertaken last year in Edge Computing were in the electricity distribution and transmission sector (Smart Grids).

Predictive maintenance, the "star" use case

The use cases in which Edge Computing technology can be used are multiple, but another of the conclusions of the report is that, according to the responses of the respondents, there is one use case that stands out (with 34% of votes) among those that are being considered for execution during 2022: the predictive maintenance of an asset or industrial equipment.

Predictive maintenance seeks to avoid unscheduled machine downtime and its consequent economic and time impact in industrial environments. To do so, technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or edge computing are used. This is the use case that traditionally has a more tangible return for companies, which is why many are committed to it as one of their priorities.

About Barbara IoT

Barbara is the Cyber Secure Industrial Edge Platform designed to govern distributed intelligence.  

We help industrial companies in their digitalisation process, connecting industrial equipment to the Internet and enabling Edge Computing in a secure way.

We have developed the technology platform that enables the creation, deployment and execution of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms at the Edge for sectors with dispersed critical assets.

In addition, we have recently been named one of the 100 Spanish startups that will lead the future, according to Venture Capital experts.

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