Illuminate Low-Voltage Networks: InCharta by Ingelectus, new addition to Barbara Marketplace

InCharta, a groundbreaking application developed by Ingelectus, has just been added to our portfolio of Edge Apps in Barbara Marketplace. InCharta is set to revolutionize the way you perceive and manage low-voltage networks, providing invaluable insights through its interactive and AI-powered capabilities.


Get to know InCharta: Illuminate Low-Voltage Networks

Ingelectus introduces InCharta as the stellar application of the Ingrid platform, designed to calculate the intricate status of connections—both line and phase—for all entities connected to the Low Voltage network. The application, driven by various Artificial Intelligence algorithms, offers a host of functionalities:

Energy Balances:

  • Perform energy balances at transformer, low voltage line, and phase levels.
  • Identify areas with concentrated network losses.
  • Compare balances with consumption curves for a comprehensive analysis.

List & Mapping:

  • Visualize the complete electrical chain of all connections in table and map form.
  • Download detailed information for a deeper understanding.
  • Obtain a general summary of the total load status by low voltage line and phase.

Energy Losses:

  • Access a dashboard providing a comprehensive summary of the total network loss status.
  • Conduct daily and weekly pattern analyses of loss behavior.
  • Utilize heat maps for a visual representation of losses.
  • Analyze time series of losses by low voltage line and phase for strategic insights.

The Future of Grid Intelligence

The addition of InCharta to Barbara Marketplace is part of Barbara's commitment to helping Electric Grid Operators (T&D operators) to add intelligence to their businesses while complying with the highest cybersecurity standard (IEC-62443-4-2 security level 1). Thanks to Ingelectus, a company specialized in the intricate calculations and analytics of low-voltage networks through InCharta, Grid Operators can now take a step forward in their digital transformation path.

As we welcome InCharta to Barbara Marketplace, we envision a future where your grid intelligence is not just calculated but harnessed for unprecedented efficiency and strategic decision-making. Join us in exploring the transformative power of InCharta as we redefine the landscape of low-voltage network management.