Vision AI operations at the Edge: Picsellia joins Barbara Marketplace

Picsellia, the single hub for image and video AI use cases, has just joined Barbara Marketplace. It introduces a centralized workspace designed to turn the chaos of scattered tools into a collaborative production-grade pipeline. Their fully integrated Vision AI platform empowers AI teams accelerate their computer vision initiatives.


Early this week we proudly announced the launch of Barbara Marketplace, a curated ecosystem of already-developed off-the-shelf Edge apps and Edge AI models, carefully crafted to push your AI use cases into production. Today, we dive into one exciting collaboration with Picsellia, a visionary force in computer vision operations.

Picsellia: The Visions AI platform that accelerates your computer vision initiatives.

Picsellia, the single hub for image and video AI use cases. Their fully integrated Vision AI platform empowers computer vision teams to upgrade their models into production-grade pipelines.

AI Governance: Centralize and structure your CV assets

Introduces a centralized workspace designed to turn the chaos of scattered tools into organized efficiency. Save +33% data science and machine learning time:

  • Improved Collaboration: enhance teamwork by eliminating data chaos and fostering collaboration among computer vision teams.
  • Organized and Accessible Data: no more scattered files or lost data. Picsellia provides a dedicated platform for teams to organize, access, and annotate data effortlessly.
  • 360° view of your initiatives: streamline your workflow with a unified platform that brings all aspects of computer vision projects into one accessible space, across your organization.

Operating at Scale: 3X faster to ship new AI models.

Picsellia offers a robust framework to streamline your AI production chain and take computer projects into production.

  • Create Great Models in No Time: accelerate your research velocity with Picsellia's development backbone, allowing you to swiftly create high-performing computer vision models.
  • Model management: organize, evaluate and reuse your models in one place.
  • Experiment tracking: storing your experiments’ most relevant metrics and artifacts, and compare your results to find the best performing AI model.

Model Deployment & Observability Redefined: Improve your AI models over time

Deployment of models and monitoring of computer vision experiments take center stage with Picsellia:

  • Scalable Deployment: Whether in the cloud or at the edge, Picsellia ensures your models are deployed at scale, meeting the demands of your dynamic industrial environment.
  • Full Observability: Access performance metrics and get real-time visibility into the health of your computer vision pipeline.
  • Continuous Improvement (CT/CD): Review predictions, retain models & deploy them continuously so your CV models improve over time.

Barbara + Picsellia: A Symbiotic Fusion of Expertise

Teaming up with Picsellia, came naturally as we met both companies. Picsellia’s commitment to transforming lab projects into business-value-generating initiatives aligns seamlessly with Barbara's mission to empower industrial organizations in deploying, monitoring, and maintaining AI models at the Edge.

The synergy between Barbara and Picsellia is undeniable. While Picsellia excels in the initial MLOps phases of computer vision algorithm development, Barbara navigates the ‘extra mile’. Together, we cover the full spectrum; from crafting computer vision models to orchestrating their deployment, control, and maintenance at the Edge.

Juan Pérez-Bedmar, VP of Marketing & Growth at Barbara

Accelerating Your Vision AI Journey at the Edge

So, how does this collaboration benefit you? Leverage the potential of Computer Vision to enhance your products or processes. Develop custom use cases and operate them in your industrial environment; with a seamless transition at the Edge thanks to the integration with the Barbara platform. The cherry on the cake: keep the ownership of your private data & AI models intellectual property.

The Barbara and Picsellia partnership is just the beginning of our shared commitment to deliver limitless business value with AI for your industry. Explore the future with us.