Barbara and the ODEON Project: Driving the Digital Energy Transition Through Edge AI

In an era where sustainable and efficient energy solutions are more critical than ever, Barbara's recent partnership with other 33 companies in the ODEON project will contribute to the journey towards a greener, smarter energy future.

Smart Grid

In an era where sustainable and efficient energy solutions are more critical than ever, Barbara's recent partnership with other 33 companies in the ODEON project will contribute to the journey towards a greener, smarter energy future. 

The goal of the ODEON (federated data and intelligence Orchestration and sharing for the Digital Energy transitiON) project is to create “an inclusive ecosystem of stakeholders characterized a mesh of data, intelligence, service and market flows”, the project brief reads – and thereby jointly enabling the resilient operation of the energy system under increased renewables integration and distributed flexibility.

Specifically, the project aims to introduce a federated technological framework, i.e. a cloud-edge data and intelligence service platform, and the corresponding federated energy data spaces and smart data/AIOps orchestrators for the delivery of a range of services in a system operating with a high degree of flexibility from distributed assets.

This collaboration signifies a leap forward in the integration of Edge AI technologies in the energy sector, showcasing a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The ODEON Project: the Objectives 

The ODEON project is driven by a set of ambitious objectives, divided into Technology Innovation and Business Innovation and Market Uptake, aimed at transforming the energy sector through digital innovation.

Technology Innovation Objectives:

  • Develop a transparent, accessible, and reliable open technological framework to orchestrate federated data management, sharing, and intelligence extraction. This framework supports innovative energy services for grid resilience and decentralized flexibility, especially under high Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration.
  • Enhance Technical and Semantic Interoperability across the energy value chain and coupled sectors, ensuring seamless data exchanges and comprehensive integration of the energy ecosystem.
  • Foster the integration of the energy sector value chain and coupled sectors, creating a decentralized service ecosystem for flexibility-based grid management and resilient operation.
  • Provide data-driven and intelligence-enabled solutions and services to support the energy transition, focusing on decarbonization and consumer empowerment.

Business Innovation and Market Uptake Objectives:

  • Validate the project's concept and solutions through 5 large-scale demonstrators, demonstrating multi-stakeholder value in real-life and critical conditions.
  • Lay the groundwork for successful replication and market uptake of ODEON solutions.
  • Position ODEON as a leading Cloud-Edge and Intelligence enabler for the Green and Digital Transition, through widespread dissemination and knowledge transfer.

The Spanish Demonstrator: A Model of Innovation and Collaboration

A cornerstone of Barbara's participation in the ODEON project is the Spanish Demonstrator, an ambitious initiative set to transform the energy landscape in Granada, Spain. Operated by Cuerva, the local Distribution System Operator (DSO), this demonstrator is a collaborative effort involving Vergy (a LEC Enabler/Operator) and numerous prosumers from the mountainous communities of Fornes and Escúzar.

The demonstrator's mission is multifaceted, aiming to enhance grid operation through Demand Response (DR), accelerate the decarbonization of the energy system, promote green technologies, and maximize self-consumption via smart automation. 

By sharing comprehensive data across various grid assets, including insights from over 16,000 customers and advanced IoT data from more than 600 residential prosumers, the project seeks to create accurate demand, generation, and flexibility forecasts. These forecasts will serve as a foundation for identifying grid congestions early and defining critical flexibility requirements for grid resilience.

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Innovation is at the forefront of the Spanish Demonstrator, with strategies focusing on the development of optimal Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), the execution of DR strategies, and the exploration of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) concepts. Additionally, the project emphasizes real-time power quality monitoring and the deployment of edge devices for power restoration and grid resilience.

Driving Sustainability and Market Participation

The demonstrator exemplifies the ODEON project's objectives by integrating seamless data management, promoting interoperability, and fostering a decentralized energy ecosystem. It also highlights the project's commitment to delivering innovative solutions for energy system decarbonization and consumer empowerment, aligning with the goals of technological and business innovation.

Barbara's Role: Enabling Transformation Through Technology

Barbara's involvement in the Spanish Demonstrator exemplifies our platform's capacity to empower the energy sector's digital transformation. Our technology facilitates the seamless integration and analysis of complex datasets, driving the intelligence and automation needed for a sustainable, resilient, and efficient energy future. Through our contribution to the ODEON project, Barbara demonstrates the transformative potential of Edge AI, addressing the challenges of modern energy systems.

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