Flexibility in the Smart Grid with Barbara Edge Technology

Moving towards a decentralized, intelligent and cybersecure Smart Grid involves a series of challenges that we explain in our new site


The digitisation of the electricity sector towards the Smart Grid is key to achieving the sustainability and efficiency goals we set ourselves as a society.

Through a grid where energy is no longer only produced in large facilities and where citizens are no longer mere consumers, a new paradigm of relations between all actors is being built. It is a decentralised, intelligent, autonomous and cyber-secure grid that allows interaction between all actors, creating new business models. But the Smart Grid faces challenges that can be summarised in the following 4:

  • Digitising legacy systems by virtualising each of the Smart Grid components
  • Executing automated processes to achieve flexibility among participating actors
  • Creating a space of mutual trust and peer to peer sovereign data exchange
  • Deploying AI algorithms from different authors to gain from flexibility

Use cases along the value chain

In Barbara we work with all the actors in the value chain: TSO, DSO, manufacturers, energy communities, etc. and for each of them we have developed different use cases that can be downloaded from our website. Some of the cases that are available are:

Digital Twin of a Transformation Centre

Find out how to gain full, real-time, digital visibility of the last mile of the electricity grid, making the system more transparent to all stakeholders while reducing the number of incidents and associated response times.

Edge Computing Mesh Network at Edge Nodes for Intelligent Transformation Centres

Virtualises the components of a medium to low voltage transformer substation and achieves independence between hardware and software to make transformer substations flexible, scalable and better operable.

High Voltage Line Monitoring with Edge Computing

Barbara's Edge platform helps to build and scale an advanced forecasting solution through plug-and-play industrial Edge Nodes installed on each power line. These nodes allow real-time collection, storage and processing of data from wired or wireless sensors installed on the towers.

An Edge Node for the management of a VPP

Through Barbara's software, VPPs can be created with Edge Computing Nodes that monitor and control the energy sources, and a centralised control platform that manages the entire system in an agile and simple way.

Intelligent Management of Distributed Generation Assets

Barbara's Edge for Smart Grid technology enables smart management of any distributed generation asset.

Edge technology to make the power grid of the future more flexible

Barbara is the Cyber Secure Industrial Edge Platform that enables:

1- A digitised electricity network: connect and digitise any element of the Smart Grid.

Barbara's Edge technology allows the aggregation and communication of protection and control equipment, distributed energy resources (DERs), sensors, meters... completely virtualising the Smart Grid with interconnected, accessible and remotely manageable elements.

2- A smart grid: make the Power Grid smart with applications and algorithms at the Edge

The platform is designed to deploy, run and manage smart applications and algorithms from different authors on Edge nodes connected to Smart Grid elements.

3- A cyber-secure power grid: protecting Smart Grid assets and data sovereignty at source

Our technology has been designed with security in mind to enable secure data exchange and protect Smart Grid assets. It integrates protection mechanisms in accordance with the recommendations of leading industry bodies and standards, such as IEC-62443.

We invite you to visit our new website, https://barbaraiot.com/smart-grid, explore in detail the applications of Barbara's edge technology for the Smart Grid and, if you would like to find out how we can help you, please contact us using the form below.