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How to Maximize your Edge Data: Transitioning from Connected Edge to an Intelligent Edge

Join us for our upcoming live webinar run by Stratus and Barbara about "How to Maximize your Edge Data" June 19. Whether you're just starting to collect data and want to maximize its potential or you're deep into your digital transformation journey and aiming to harness AI at the edge, this webinar will provide actionable insights applicable to every stage of your enterprise’s edge journey.

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The IT-OT convergence (part I): Syncing the Data Journey and the Digitization of Infrastructures

This is the first article of a new series we will be producing to cover the complexities of this journey towards the full IT-OT convergence in industrial companies.


IoT communication protocols you should know about

When implementing a data-based strategy, it all starts with the Data. One of the typical sources to extract data are IoT devices. Knowing which IoT communication protocols exist and how to use them for data communication is essential as they are the ones that make data gathering from them possible.


Scaling your Industrial Edge Computing Projects with an Edge Management and Orchestration tool

As organizations‘ appetite for seizing opportunities at the edge grow, scaling from a single use case in one facility to various uses cases in multiple locations poses a significant challenge. This article highlights the importance of implementing an Edge Management and Orchestration tool to efficiently and securely scale edge computing initiatives.


How Edge AI is Shaping the Future of Food & Beverage Manufacturing

The food and beverage industry stands on the brink of a new era, driven by the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence in the Edge. By processing data on-site, businesses can immediately adjust operations, predict maintenance issues, and ensure product quality, directly impacting their bottom line. In this article we explore the challenges of embracing Edge AI in the Food Industry.

Smart Manufacturing

Harnessing Edge AI Technology in Automotive Manufacturing

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in automotive manufacturing is not a new concept. However, the shift towards the Edge where AI algorithms operate on the data generated at the source rather than being sent to a centralised server, is a game-changer. In this article we explore the main challenges of embracing Edge AI and why moving AI to the edge brings unprecedented levels of efficiency, safety, and sustainability to car manufacturers.


The MLOps Workflow: How Barbara fits in

Most industrial companies (up to 77% according to a last-year study by IBM) are working or planning to work with AI and Machine Learning as a means to optimize their operations or enable new revenue streams. And Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) is becoming the paradigm as a work framework for the Data and Infrastructure teams involved.

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Industrial Energy Efficiency Plan 2023


How Edge Computing is changing the Industrial sector


The state of cybersecurity in industry (only available in Spanish)